Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Sale Goes on - Without any phone line

Hi Everyone
Sorry about the time lapse but the sale has been going so well, I never get to the computer.
This week we have had a major hitch, our telephone line has not been working.  I have spent hours on the phone to the phone people, (whose name I'm safer not mentioning), being told it will be fixed.  As I post this we still have no phone line.  So many apologies to everyone who has tried to ring us.
 Our Internet is fine, so if you have been trying to place an phone order, you can place it on-line.
We know that a lot of our customers prefer to order over the phone and not on-line.
We feel it is unfair that you have effectively been prevented from playing in our 30% OFF SALE.
So we are
Saturday 1 December is the last day for our 30% off  fabric sale  IN-STORE (see earlier post for full details).
We will extend the 30% off sale for all ON-LINE and PHONE ORDERS for fabric with a web-site code, until close of business on Saturday 8 December.
I just hope the phone is working by then.
A lot.  This is what has arrived during the sale.  It will take us a while to digest it all, but it is pretty yummy.
In amongst the madness of the shop I managed to snap these quilts that came to visit.

Love the big stitch quilting.

This is the back!!!
Pheobe meets the Farmer's Wife or one of the other small block pattern quilts around.  What a clever idea. 
Ever been given a big wonderful piece of fabric and didn't know what to do with it.  Turn it into a coverlet with big stitch quilting.
The needle is still in this great bed throw.
As I sit here another 5 boxes of fabric have arrived.  Wonder what's in them?

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