Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shop Gossip

Have you seen the Sneak Peeks that Channel 7 has been running for its new Aussie drama Wild boys?  Well if you are inclined to watch the show, Quiltsmith was very much involved in dressing one of the leading ladies, we believe it is the mayor's daughter, as well as many of the extras.  The costume people discovered our shop and couldn't believe the reproduction fabrics they could purchase.  2m for a blouse and 6m for a skirt. 

So as you follow the story keep an eye out for the odd Judie Rothermel or Nancy Gere print.  This could add a whole new level of interest.  So far all the females in the Sneak Peeks appear to be in their underwear.  I wonder who the target audience is...

We are cooking up two new Block of the Months at the moment.  I can give you a Sneak Peek at one of them.

It is an applique tour de force, called Friends of Baltimore.  We are playing around with the normal BOM fabric format at the moment. I suspect anyone accepting this challenge probably has a bit of a fabric stash at home.  My aim is to have this new BOM up on our web-site over the next week.  I would love your feedback on how we structure the BOM.

On Saturday we had a small but fun Kaffe & Kim Workshop reunion.  Here are the photos.

I really like this quilting pattern.

All the above quilts are Ross's, and they are so nice.  The Bordered Diamond quilt below is Ross's from the workshop.

This is one of Janet's Garden party blocks.

Look what Catherine Butterworth did with her Bordered Diamonds.  Wow!

Catherine brought along her new quilt which she will be teaching in November.  (It has no name at the moment.)

Look at these quilts that dropped by and visited the shop.

Rosemary made this stunner based on a Sue Ross template.  Look at her current project, blocks for her Googley Eyes quilt she started in a workshop here with Catherine Butterworth.

See you in the shop.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Super Spot Sale on Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably and Phillip Jacobs Fabrics

To celebrate the launch of Kaffe's new "Quilts in Sweden" book, we are having a Westminster Fabrics Super Spot Sale on Saturday 27 August, starting at 1pm until we close.  All Kaffe Fasett, Brandon Mably and Phillip Jacobs fabrics will be 25% off.  We have two quilts from the new book made up and hanging in the store, and they are beautiful.  Bring along any of your Westminster quilts and we can have an informal show and tell in the classroom.  This sale is in store only.  See you.

In the shop this week we have photos from two classes.  Here are some photos from Liz Pinczewski - No Tears Foundation Piecing class.

This is a block from Liz's quilt.  The following photos are student work.

Here are some snapshots from Lynne Alchin's class today.

This is Lynne's new Faraway Tree quilt.

Look at this wonderful 1930's quilt top that waltzed into the shop.  It is really interesting, I own a 1930's quilt with almost the same Sun Bonnet Girl pattern.

Quick update on Civil War blocks.

The first one is Janet's latest.  The rest are mine.  Still trying to catch up!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Michelle Yeo's Visit

Last weekend we had the pleasure of Michelle Yeo, from Melbourne, teaching in the shop.  She has been an annual visiting teacher for a number of years now.  As always, the three days of workshops were great fun, and beautiful things were born.

At this stage I must apologise to the Friday girls, who made the Giant Dahlia or Seven Sisters Quilts.  I forgot to take photos, so I have failed blog writing 101.  I can assure everyone that they were fabulous.

 I did remember the camera on Saturday and Sunday.  Here are some photos.

Take fabric and acrylic templates.....

add a design wall....

borrow a miniature Dahlia centre, and the start of a Gatton Stars Quilt is looking good.

A lot of sewing and cutting out was actually done during the class.

Then the Feathered Mariner's Compass quilts.

The size of the print is important with the Compass.

That bit can go with this bit.

How's this for a Mariner's Compass to be.  

Needless to say there is a bit of sewing to do, but boy it was fun playing with fabric.

Thank you again Michelle.

I played in the class on Sunday.  I wanted to achieve a Pennsylvania Dutch look.  I think it looks OK.  Now I have to do the sewing!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shop Snapshots and a day with the Wentworth Quilters

It's here!  The new Kaffe Fasset "Quilts in Sweden " book has arrived.  I will show a picture of a quilt we have made from the book in our next post (it is at home having it's binding attached).  Everyone here has already picked their favourite quilts.  We are expecting a big delivery of Kaffe fabrics in the next few days, especially focused on the fabrics in the book, so do drop in.

 It seems while the economics of the world is having a hiccup, creativity is pouring in through the doors of the shop.  Here is what has been sighted in the shop this week. 

From Karen Cunningham's Wednesday Class.

We have always thought Anne Sommerlad's Saturday class was a bit laid back but....

The Elizabeth Jefferson's Coverlets continue to grow. 

I love this one, who says a traditional medallion quilt can't be brightened up.

On Saturday Janet and I were asked to be the shop at Wentworth Quilters Monthly meeting.  We had a great time and caught up with a lot of friends. 

I would like to let you all know that the Wentworth Quilters, 10th Exhibition, is on 17 & 18 September.

Hours are 9.30 to 4.  It is being held at the historic Linwood - 25 Byron Road Guildford.  I can recommend this exhibition as they are a great group.

Following are some photos I took of Linwood, and the girls shopping.  You can see the building has quite a lot of charm.


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