Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Friday

Here is a snapshot of a day in the life of a quilt shop.

We were visited today by the Quilt Study Group which is a sub-committee of the NSW Quilter's Guild, and they were on a mission.  Looking for fabrics to make a replica of the Frederica Josephson's Quilt.  This quilt is owned by the National Trust Australia and was made around 1850-60, in Longueville in Sydney.  So we feel quite attached to it as a "local" treasure.  The Quilt Study Group is making a replica of the quilt, as it is very fragile, so that the National Trust can display it.  What a wonderful project, which Quiltsmith supports.  To see more information please go to

This is the the start of the the "period correct" fabric selection.  Then the discussions started.

The piles of fabrics grew,

and grew.

This is very exacting fabric purchasing.

There is a great photo of the Frederica Josephson's quilt in Annette Gero's book, " Quilts in Society", which we have in the shop.

We also had a Lynne Alchin class.  For those of you who don't know Lynne here she is standing in front of her Elizabeth Medallion quilt.

Her Friday class is a very industrious one.

They make beautiful quilts.  Here is the start of Elizabeth's Princess Feather quilt.

Here is a new quilt from Sue Ross (this class was on Sunday).  Yum.

Finally here are my last two Civil War Blocks, London Square.



Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Faith and Free Pattern

Faith is the new Collections for a Cause from Howard Marcus for Moda fabrics.  It has a beautiful feel on the base cloth and the colours and patterns are divine. 

The fabrics have been reproduced using an antique quilt held in Howard Marcus's fabric design house collection of antique quilts. This is the seventh Collections for a Cause Collection.  The proceeds from these fabrics benefit charities supporting breast cancer research, juvenile diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

We have it in store now and it is being loaded onto the website as I type.  Below is a few pieces to whet your appetite!  There are 40 bolts in the Collection!

We also have the free "Faith" pattern from Moda available in the shop (limited supply) and this one is a beauty.  We have loaded it here on the blog so our online friends can have access to the freebie as well.  Here's hoping you can all access it and see it clearly enough.  If you right click on the pictures and open up in another tab, you can adjust your zoom level up to about 200% (bottom right corner of your browser) if it is a little hard to read.  Good luck!

Lastly, Kate has brought her next three civil war blocks in, have a look, they are lovely.

This is cotton boll.

Log cabin and...

Birds in the Air of course!  (sorry about the threads Kate...)

Bye for now, Lindy.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Templates, New Fabrics (!) and Marj's Blocks

You probably know that five of the staff have been steadily making the Civil War blocks from Barbara Brackman's blog.  Marj has decided to put them together so she doesn't have 52 blocks at the end and think 'what on earth am I going to do with these', so here are her blocks so far.  Looks like a giant civil war mountain at the moment, I wonder how huge it will be in the end!!

And here is one more for good measure.....  

We now have Kim Bradley's quilting templates in the shop.  They are really versatile and the patterns are many and varied.  You can use them for quilting templates, tracing or even colouring for the little ones in your life.  Here is a small selection of what we have right now.

We have just taken delivery of Jo Morton's latest triumph, Embers, Red and Evergreen.  It is, as usual, delicious.  Here is Melinda's stash so far.... (said in jealous tones!)

'Central Park' has also been tagged and pinned for your quilting pleasure!   How cute is the cheeky dancing chimp....

See you in the shop soon, bye for now, Lindy.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bordered Diamonds Ross's View

Let me introduce you to Ross who is a very talented quilter, who specialises in Black and White quilts.  He jumped at the opportunity to do the workshop with Kaffe and Brandon.  Here is his journey.

"I wanted to do the workshop to learn how to use colour.  How to put colour into different formats."

The start.

"I learnt from Kaffe to look at the fabric all the time.  To look at it from a distance, walk away and look.  Get an understanding of the depth of colour you are working with.  Don't be in a hurry."

"Brandon has the most fantastic personality.  He is so skillful with colour and with putting together patterns and textures of fabrics.  He directs you to see and make changes to your work."

"My quilt top is completely different from what I thought it would be.  Tell everyone, if they have the chance to do a class with Kaffe and Brandon, to do it."

"The quilt is more colourful and more structured than I was expecting."

"We were kept very busy."  The end result.

" Everything had texture. Everything had movement. Kaffe and Brandon never put anyone down, no matter what fabric they had."

Ross came into the shop this week with his still in construction top.  He has the borders on his diamonds and now he is playing with the layout.  Well done Ross.

Lindy came into the shop this week with the first completed top from the workshop.  Congratulations Lindy it looks great. 

How different are all the quilts!!!!  This is what quilting is all about.

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