Saturday, March 14, 2015

Choices, Choices, Choices

Hi Everybody

I love having choices in my life.  I love having choices when it comes to quilting.  Quiltsmith is all about choice.  As textile artists cloth is our paint, so we need many colours.  Quilting is more complex than just colour.  We can choose  a "look" or a "style" of fabric.  How often do you hear " I only work with reproduction prints", "I only can sew jelly roll quilts".  That's your choice and your choice alone.

There is a lot of pressure on quilters today to de-stash, to change their look, get with the new.  I know I feel it in the shop.  What is Quiltsmith as a shop what "look" does it have.

I have been thinking about that a lot lately.

I don't want Quiltsmith to have a particular "look".  I want Quiltsmith to be about CHOICE.

The choice is yours.



We saw Aunty Green in a new colourway in Sue Ross's class this week.  Beautiful.


This lovely Medallion quilt visited the shop.


I would like to thank everyone for all their enthusiastic comments about our Fussy Cut Stars.  I was beginning to think you may have had enough.  I have now pieced a section of my "reproduction" fussy cut star quilt together, and will show you how I have set them next week.

Stay tuned for an exciting development in the world of Fussy Cutting.  Yes this is a teaser.  

I have moved onto making "funky" fussy cut stars. It is amazing how differently these fabrics fussy cut when compared to reproduction fabrics.

I have started but have nothing to show you, then Janet brought in some of her "funky" fussy cut stars that she has had hidden somewhere.  Enjoy these beautiful stars and have a go at fussy cutting a big, bright, bold print.

I love this one, visions of a fussy cut star quilt made up of all the amazingly animals prints that are around at the moment.  

This is why I never finish anything.


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