Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dutch Quilts

An Moonen and Annette Gero, thank you so much for the wonderful lecture on the history of Dutch quilts.  An Moonen, the author of "A History of Dutch Quilts", is regarded as the person who brought European Quilts to the world.  I knew we were in for something different when An showed us the first recorded mention of "quilts".  It is a Roman word "Culits" and originally meant a mattress, but some time during the dark ages became the bed covering we are familiar with.  To learn more you need to see An's book.  We will be getting more in stock shortly.

Here are some crowd shots.  The Petra Prins Dutch Fabric "Josephine" was liked.  See the pile up on the table, that is Josephine, or what's left of it.  Yes everyone was locked in.

There was a lot to discuss.  I wish An well on her tour of New Zealand and then she is back in Melbourne.  If you get the chance to see her lecture I would grab it.

What's happened in Summer School.  We had Lisa Walton's Candy Floss quilt.  This is class all about fabric fusing.  It was fun.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Delivery Trucks are Arriving

Well its a new year and lets show you some of our first fabrics for 2012.

"Josephine" by Petra Prins for Windham Fabrics, beautiful reproduction 1800's Dutch fabrics.

This is the first fabric Collection by Petra Prins, who is the author of the very popular "Treasures from Holland" book.  These fabrics are perfect for the quilts in her book.

"Haven" by Anna Griffin.  Anna has started her own fabric design house, just called Anna Griffin Fabrics.  Stay tuned for lots of new fabrics from Anna.

I just love this new Collection from the V&A Museum, its called "Benedictus".  I'm not sure of its date, could be anywhere from 1920s to 1950's.  The colours are wild, and the peacocks magnificent.  There are three fabrics in each colourway.

These are the other colours.

Now for a Summer School update.

Day 2 of Anne Sommerlad's Antique Nine Patch.  Looking very busy.

Not so very antique.

Here's Sharon's (who was in the class) quilt from Summer School last year.  Her version of Liz Pinczewski's, No Tears Foundation Piecing quilt.  Looks good.

Then we have Kim Bradley's, Fresh Flowers class yesterday.  This class wins the busy award so far for Summer School.  Everybody jumped right in and started sewing.

Here are some of their Hexagons.

Pene dropped into the shop to show us her completed Flower Garden top.  She was in our Kim Mclean Workshop last February.    I think it is just beautiful.  This is one of the quilts on my
To Do list this year.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope 2012 is a happy and successful year all round.

I have made an assessment of my projected "quilting" projects for 2012, and I think it is going to be the year of applique for me.  (Most of which I haven't started, but I have a tub full of fabric!)

I will share with you my "projects" for 2012 over the next few weeks.

But now lets have a look at Quiltsmith's Summer School.

We had Lynne Alchin kicking it all off with her "Summer Baskets" quilt on Saturday.

I was in the class, (just love this quilt) but I was so busy sewing I forgot to take any pictures. (Bad blogger) We were all practicing basket weaving, quite literally, I promise to take photos of the next class so you can see all the beautiful fabrics and colours.  This can be taken as my first 2012 applique project.

Then we had Margaret Sampson-George's 101 ways with Hexagons yesterday. Here are some photos.

We had a waiting list for this class, so I have asked Margaret to run it again.  I'm waiting on a date from Margaret for a Saturday class in March or April.  If you would like to be on the list please call the shop on 9550 4847.

Today is Anne Sommerlad's "Antique Nine Patch"class. 

Just at the fabric choosing stage. I will check in with the class tomorrow to see how they are going.

Coming up we still have vacancies in Sarah Fielke's "Wonky Piecing"class, on Monday 23 January.

We also have vacancies in Lisa Walton's "Candy Floss" class on Tuesday 24 January.

Please ring the shop if you would like to do either of these classes.

Here is a customer quilt to share with you.

This is Jo's first quilt.  Well done Jo!!!!


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