Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone

The short week has caught me short.  So I'm spending Good Friday in the shop.  One of my first tasks is to blog.  The shop will be closed for the Easter break.  It will re-open on Tuesday 10 April.  I hope everyone has a relaxing and safe Easter, and gets at least one quilting project done over the break.

We are starting to get packed to go to the Fairholme Quilters Show that starts Friday 20 April.

Here are the details, Quiltsmith has been a vendor at this show quite a number of times.  We always have a great time, lovely people and quilts, but the cakes are always terrific.  If you can make it to the show, please say "Hi".

I have fallen in love with Art Gallery Fabrics.  The depth of the colours and just the handle of the fabric itself is enough for me.  These fabrics are bright and fresh, without being totally in your face.  They work perfectly in both patchwork and in clothing.  We have had all our Art Gallery Fabrics mixed up in Funky Fabrics - Lucky Dip on our web-site.  So you can see and find them more easily I have created three new sections on the web-site just for Art Gallery Fabrics. 

These are:-

Funky Fabrics - Art Gallery Fabrics (prints)
Fabric Palettes and Batiks - Oval Elements (blenders)
Fabric Palettes and Batiks - Pure Elements (solids)

We will have the complete range of both Oval Elements and Pure Elements shortly.

Here is some of our Art Gallery Fabrics being cut to go to the Fairholme Quilters Show.

Below are our bolts of Oval Elements, possibly one of the best modern blending fabrics.

So please have a look at the fabrics on the web-site and see what you think.


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