Thursday, April 26, 2012

Michelle Yeo's Quilts are in the Shop Now!

When I went to the Post Office on Tuesday, these were waiting for me.  They are just beautiful, Michelle.  Everyone who can should drop into the shop to see these quilts, and book in for the class (of course), June Long Weekend.  Details of the classes are in our last post.

Love opening parcels like this.   I took some close ups of the quilts for you.

The Fairholme Quilters Show

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being at the Fairholme Quilters bi-annual show at Thornleigh in Sydney.  Here are some photos.

This quilt was voted the "Best Use of Colour".

This was the "Viewer's Choice" for the show.

The Fairholme Quilters had the most interesting "Paint Chip Quilt Challenge".

Sneek Peek of new "Kew Gardens" BOM on the wall, more details with my next post.

 Finally the John Hewson fabric has arrived.  This fabric is under license from the Winterthur Museum for Andover Fabrics.

If you are an antique quilt buff, you will probably recognise the panel below.  John Hewson is recognised as the first person to print fabric on mainland America.  Caught up with the Revolutionary War with Britain, when fabric production was banned in the America.  All textiles had to be imported from Britain.  Think of the Boston Tea Party, and you are in the right era.  Just think of beautiful chintz quilts, and this is the fabric.

Also Kim Mclean's new Pandemonium Quilt Pattern should be in the shop next week.

Pandemonium Quilt Top


Let's take a peek of Katrina Hadjimichael's class today.


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