Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sarah's Revival - New BOM and Applique Project No. 4

I sit here listening to the roofers pounding away on the roof.  Hopefully we will be waterproof again.
This week sees the launch of our newest Block of the Month - Sarah's Revival. 

This is the year of fine hand applique, the year of Red and White quilts.  This quilt is a marriage made in heaven.  Sarah's Revival pays homage to Sarah Holcomb's wonderful quilt, hand pieced and appliquéd in 1847Sue Garman has out done herself with this quilt.

I saw this BOM in Houston and knew we just had to have it.  Based on the German Scherenschnitte or Papercut patterns.

I have found a photo of the 1847 original quilt, by Sarah Holcomb.

Photo found on the Starr Antiques web-site

All the details for this beautiful BOM can be found on our web-site at

My Applique Project No.4

Project No. 4 in my year of applique, has some hope of being completed.  It is my version of Sue Ross's Strawberry Shortcake.  As I'm allergic to strawberries they do not appear on the quilt top.

All I have to do to finish the top is applique down the circles on the outer border.  I have just tacked them in place.  The top is completely hand pieced and this is all I have to do (I think), so I need to get on and do it.  The only problem is I've started knitting.  Never enough hours in the day....

Do you think I need to add any leaves or anything else around the circles or is it OK the way it is?


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