Friday, February 25, 2011

Bordered Diamonds Kate's View

Kate is a staffer here and you can meet her in the shop on Thursdays and Fridays.  She went along to the Saturday Kaffe and Brandon Workshop.  I wanted to show you how her quilt developed over the day.  I also asked her for some "quotes" about the experience.  Hope you all find this interesting.

The start. Kate had a rust covered flannel to work on. It proved to a little too close in colour to some of her diamonds. Watch as the quilt builds. The rest of the comments are from Kate.

"Martha Negley's green and purple grape fabric was my starting point.  The fabric I loved.  I chose all my fabrics to work with this one."

"Kaffe said don't over think fabric placement, just get the diamonds up on the design wall."

"Kaffe had a look at my first layout, and suggested some changes to even out the colour distribution."

"My first borders were high contrast and dark.  Watch what happens to them later on."

"Whoops they're gone."

"Each diamond with its border needed to work on their own, but I wanted good contrast between each diamond set."

"Then Brandon offered his perspective: which was different from Kaffe's.  Brandon seemed less tolerant of contrast in the quilt."

Brandon emphasised: "Take time to stand back from your work and see what's happening."

"The end result.  Quite different from my green and purple, high contrast preconceived ideas of what this quilt would be.  The workshop gave me confidence to trust my own colour sense.  I would happily do another workshop with Kaffe and Brandon."


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  1. That must have been fun !!
    I can imagine that Kate have enjoyed it. :))
    great cooperation with impressive result.
    thanks for sharing !!



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