Monday, February 7, 2011

First Karen Class for 2011

We were all eager to start our Karen journey for this year.  The heat was bad, say no more, some left early, some soldiered on, we all received our first Folk Art Baskets applique blocks, together with the first blocks from Hidcote Garden (which is gorgeous). 

Here is Lenore with her finished 'baskets' centre.

We all know this is Lyn's finished centre because of the beautiful blues she loves to use.

And Beverly brought in her, almost finished Irish Circles, last years quilt.  Beautiful job Bev! One more border to go...

We also snuck a picture of Karen reeaally enjoying her new diet of 'rabbit food'.  Look at the joy in her eyes!  (Although that could just have been the heat..)

We also had the first Anne Sommerlad class for the year.  Deborah managed to get the border on her traditional oriental strippy hexagon quilt.  Great work Deborah, and for perservering in the heat to get it finished.  You weren't going home without that border on.   

Verna brought back Lea's cute green and pink quilt she has made for a friend's daughter.  Pretty hearts and daisies continuous design quilted by Verna.  Well done Lea.

More antique quilts...apologies if there are repeats.


A couple of beautiful wholecloths.

A bit out of focus but love that black background..think this is Kates??

A little bit of repair work done on this one.

Lastly, this is Melinda's Welsh wholecloth quilt she brought back from her trip to the UK last year.

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