Thursday, February 17, 2011


What an exciting week we have had in Sydney.  Colours exploded, minds whirled and great, possibly magnificent quilts were hatched.  The three way collaboration between Quiltsmith, Cottage Quiltworks and Material Obsession worked a treat in bringing three of the big names in quilting to Sydney. 

We played and played and played with fabrics for three days in a row, and then on Sunday, were transported by Kaffe's lecture on how he began his career and where he finds his inspiration.  I think everyone rushed home very eager to try something new. 

I have a heap of photos of the workshop, some are on this post.  I will be posting a number of times showing you different aspects of what happened in the workshops.  The photos below gives you an idea of the disorganised, inspirational mess that was the Kaffe workshop, it was just wonderful.

I cannot put names to the quilts as we had too many to keep track of, so thank you to all the workshop participants for creating these beautiful splashes of colour.  What never ceases to amaze me is just how one, reasonably simple block quilt, can be reinvented with different colours. 

The two quilts taught at the workshops were Bordered Diamonds from Kaffe's Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts book: and Kim Mclean's Flower Garden pattern. Both of these are available at Quiltsmith. Here is a small selection.

I will look at Kim's workshop in detail in my next post.

For something a little different look what flew into the shop while the Workshop was on.  Dominique II from Sentimental Studios.  Yum Yum.

Back to our Civil War Quilt blocks for this week.

Janet's Richmond Block.

My Kansas Troubles Block (yes I'm now officially behind).

Sandra's Log Cabin Block.

See you soon.


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