Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bordered Diamonds Ross's View

Let me introduce you to Ross who is a very talented quilter, who specialises in Black and White quilts.  He jumped at the opportunity to do the workshop with Kaffe and Brandon.  Here is his journey.

"I wanted to do the workshop to learn how to use colour.  How to put colour into different formats."

The start.

"I learnt from Kaffe to look at the fabric all the time.  To look at it from a distance, walk away and look.  Get an understanding of the depth of colour you are working with.  Don't be in a hurry."

"Brandon has the most fantastic personality.  He is so skillful with colour and with putting together patterns and textures of fabrics.  He directs you to see and make changes to your work."

"My quilt top is completely different from what I thought it would be.  Tell everyone, if they have the chance to do a class with Kaffe and Brandon, to do it."

"The quilt is more colourful and more structured than I was expecting."

"We were kept very busy."  The end result.

" Everything had texture. Everything had movement. Kaffe and Brandon never put anyone down, no matter what fabric they had."

Ross came into the shop this week with his still in construction top.  He has the borders on his diamonds and now he is playing with the layout.  Well done Ross.

Lindy came into the shop this week with the first completed top from the workshop.  Congratulations Lindy it looks great. 

How different are all the quilts!!!!  This is what quilting is all about.

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