Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Aired Quilts

As promised here are some more quilts from our recent "Airing of the Quilts".

The most recent quilt shown.

This is one of the prettiest Yo-Yo quilts I have seen.

I think I have started making this 1930's classic, but I have no idea where it is. 
English silk quilt, with the papers still inside.

A touch of Amish.  This one dates to the 1930's.

Take a good look at the striping fabric in this quilt.  It is a lot older than you first think.  First half 1800's.
For those of you who make quilts with 1930's reproduction fabrics, please have a try at a coloured background.  This bubblegum pink is a classic.


So is this one. 
I suspect the Red and Green applique quilt was a "Southern" Quilt, and the chocolate "Puss in the Corner" block quilt is a "Northern" quilt.  I am referring to America of course.  But it is interesting that these two quilts are of a similar age, 1850, but at that time "quilting" fashions were quite regional.  Also think about the climatic differences.  Hot in the south, cold in the north.   
These are two of my latest purchases.  The 1930's Flower Garden, I bought because the hexagons are all fussy cut; something not very common in the 30's.  The pink and white Baby Bunting quilt dates to around 1920.  I bought this for the magnificent quilting, which unfortunately doesn't show in the photo, and its graphic impact.
I'm off for a fortnight to the Norfolk Island Quilting Retreat.  So as Norfolk Island appears to be lacking in modern communications, I will have to be back here to post the photos.

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