Thursday, March 15, 2012

On the Ides of March

We have been a bit busy this week.  We had a good soaking in last Thursday's spectacular deluge.  This caused a little bit of damage in the classroom.  So thank you to all the class who kept on sewing  despite the buckets.  I was very impressed that anyone swam to the shop.

Just a quick run through what's happened this week.


These are the only fabrics I bought last year in  Houston.  They are American Folk Fabric, they are 150cm wide and they are beautiful.  I think this will be a once only purchase, so get in quickly.  They will be on the web-site.

The first installment of the 2012 Kaffe, Brandon  and Phillip fabrics are here.

Great reds and whites.

More colourways in the popular Pezzy Prints, you can find this in our 1930's section on the web-site.


Here is what happened in Margaret Sampson-George's 101 Ways with Hexagon's Workshop on the weekend.  It was a hoot.

Lindy (on staff) has a nose for hexagons.

The joy of hexagons!

Don't for one moment think the Workshop wasn't a hive of activity.

You can, someday, end up with a quilt like this.  We will have more hexagon and other Workshop with Margaret throughout the year.


These quilts came to the shop.

Look at these great kid's quilts, made with love by Cheryl.

I love seeing quilts that started in a class here.  This is Gail's version of Fresh Flower's.  This was a Summer School class with Kim Bradley.  Yummy.

Here is Janet's (staff member's) Japanese Crosses Quilt.  What a great way to use up scraps (or buy a whole lot of new fabric).

Janet has also finished her Barbara Brackman Civil War quilt that we showed you blocks of as they were made.  Well my blocks are still under construction as I'm making mine a bit bigger.  But here is Janet's finished quilt!!!

She used the extra blocks on the back.


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