Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wierd Weather

It has been 30 degrees here today and blowing a gale.  Given we are still officially in winter, this is very odd.  I went out and had to turn the heater off in the car.  I can feel a huge
storm building up, so I thought I had better send a blog out now. 

Kasuri 3
We are really happy to let you know about two one day workshops we have planned with Marg.  For anyone who was a Marg's talk to the Quilt Study Group of NSW at the Powerhouse Museum, this is your chance to experience how Marg "Restores" quilts under construction.  The photos here are from Marg's regular monthly class here.
Would you put this border on that center?
The object of the Workshops is for you to find all those "beautiful" centers and borders you made back in the day.  They never made it into a finished object (notice I didn't say quilt).  They are the quilts that are in my coma category.  Too good to throw out, too much work to throw out but you have totally lost your mojo over it.
Bring them out of the cupboard.  Breath life into them and end up with a quilt with the  Marg Sampson magic touch. Plus what a fun day seeing your own problem child blossom, but the rest of the classes' as well.  The ultimate Play Day.
One day workshop 10 am until 3pm.
You have the choice of
Sunday 30 September or
Sunday 25 November
Or come to both days.  Each Workshop cost $70.00.
Please ring the shop to make a booking, numbers are limited.  9550 4947.
A collection of hexys can be the catalyst.
Here are just more photos from the class to share with you.


Anne Sommerlad's class this week.  Look at his quilt. All string pieced from men's silk ties.  You read about making "tie" quilts, I just wanted to own this one.  Well done Kerri. 

Love the label.

A very nice green quilt was seen in the shop this week.

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