Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dutch Quilts

An Moonen and Annette Gero, thank you so much for the wonderful lecture on the history of Dutch quilts.  An Moonen, the author of "A History of Dutch Quilts", is regarded as the person who brought European Quilts to the world.  I knew we were in for something different when An showed us the first recorded mention of "quilts".  It is a Roman word "Culits" and originally meant a mattress, but some time during the dark ages became the bed covering we are familiar with.  To learn more you need to see An's book.  We will be getting more in stock shortly.

Here are some crowd shots.  The Petra Prins Dutch Fabric "Josephine" was liked.  See the pile up on the table, that is Josephine, or what's left of it.  Yes everyone was locked in.

There was a lot to discuss.  I wish An well on her tour of New Zealand and then she is back in Melbourne.  If you get the chance to see her lecture I would grab it.

What's happened in Summer School.  We had Lisa Walton's Candy Floss quilt.  This is class all about fabric fusing.  It was fun.


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