Friday, December 23, 2011

All I want for Christmas is.....




I thought I would share with you my photos from Houston of the Antique Quilt Vendors stores and some of the quilts they had for sale.

This was something close to heaven for me, although it was a little pricey.  Unlike the rest of the US economy, the antique quilt market is holding strong, prices are going up.

So sit back and feast your eyes on this.  My Christmas present to you.

Yes where do you begin?

The top just peeking out with the red, navy and shirtings came home with me.

These were all in one store Cindy's Antique Quilts. Just overwhelming.  I did try to buy sensibly, so I set myself the goal of buying great examples of quilting.  Something that is lacking in my current collection.  So the pink and white Baby Bunting quilt below is now part of my collection.

Thank you Cindy.

This is me with Mary Koval, another fantastic quilt dealer.  The red and green Crown of Thorns variation, (behind us) is also coming home with me, it certainly met the quilting requirement.

I had fun.

This is yet another vendor stand that had the most beautiful quilts. 

The best one was a signed and dated 1846 Baltimore.  Liz and Janet had to have their photos taken in front of this masterpiece.  It belongs in a Museum.  It was for sale at US$48.000.  Unfortunately the budget didn't run to that, so I took photos to share with you.  I don't know what cupboard, attic or box this quilt has been living in, but the colours were so bright and glowing, it was truly an amazing quilt. 

If you are doing our Friends of Baltimore Block of the Month, these photos should give some ideas on how too personalise your quilt but still be absolutely true to the Baltimore tradition.

These are some closeups of a few of the quilts on the stand, the red and white was under consideration for purchase, as it was quilted within an inch of its life, but I had more than spent the budget.

This is the quilt that had me transfixed.  I have never seen a Broderie Perse quilt like it.  Needless to say there were far to many 0000s in the price.

To see some other chintz and broderie perse quilts take a peek at the Charleston Museum's current exhibition.  I would love to see it.

These are just random quilts I snapped walking around.

There was the most beautiful Carpenter's Square quilt in the exhibition itself. The size of the pieces were all tiny.  All in Indigo and white, except for the outside border that was black and white.  It was stunning and the quilting legend.  How did they do it???

We look forward to seeing you in 2012.


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