Thursday, January 20, 2011

Summer School - Antique Quilts and Other Bits and Pieces

Our summer school is going along well and we have been lucky with the heat this year.  Yes, it has been humid in Sydney town, but we have been blessed with a lovely breeze most days which makes it all that more bearable. 

Lynne Alchin's French Generals Mistress day one went well with Lynne's usual wonderful and generous class style.  Her quilt was a delight to see.  The ladies have a bit of homework to do for day two coming up this Saturday.

Anne Sommerlad's reversible wrap skirt class was a lot of fun.  Some ladies finished theirs and others had not sewn before.  A finished result being 'modelled'! is not a massive pieced circle happening here...or giant dresden plate of's the wrap skirt in progress. 

We were very lucky to have Judy Newman's beautiful Museum Medallion quilt dropped off recently. (Thanks Jenny!)  It looks gorgeous on our pink wall.  Come and see it if you can...hand quilted and a great use of fabrics as well as a scrappy pieced backing.  We have the patterns in stock at the moment.

More antique quilts for your enjoyment.......

More next Thursday.

Here are Sandra's first three Civil War blocks.  With the use of different fabrics, the blocks all look so different. 

Here is Kate's first block...

Until next Thursday..LJ

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