Saturday, January 31, 2015


Hi Everyone

I'm really excited to launch this new BOM - Letters Home, by Legacy Patterns.

.  It was the quilt that really caught my eye when I was in Houston.  Then I realised it came in two colourways and I bought the program on the spot. I loved the Blue version and then the Colonial version, with its lightness called to me.  They are both beautiful.

This is a reproduction of an 1840's quilt but the colours sparkle.  These are no drab brown reproduction quilts; and they have their own love story.


You're invited to experience the love story of the century. The Story is about Lizzy and Ian who come from Europe in 1840 to the United States. 

"Lizzy is anxious to hear from Ian soon.  His letters can take so long to reach her she worries for his safety.  She keeps busy tending her garden and chickens but the loneliness is hard to overcome.  She knows as summer turns to autumn the days will grow shorter and the darkness of the night will linger.  The one thing that gives her hope is the quilt she is making for Ian and his return."  

The story ties together the fabrics and the quilt with the couple’s journey, trials and struggles in the 1840's.  The inner border represents the outline of a postage stamp.  The four stars in the final border represent the North Star that can be seen anywhere in the world.  

You can choose between two colourways of the quilt.  The Blue Version or the Colonial Version.

Blue Version

We have started on the shop quilt.  Yummy.

Colonial Version

Close up of the two border fabrics. Really really nice.

You can find the full details for Letters Home on our web-site or give the shop a call.  Numbers are limited.


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