Friday, August 1, 2014

Introducing Fussy Cut Friday

Hi Everybody

Sorry I've been a bit erratic with the posts lately, but I think I have come up with a solution.  With the help of  Janet and Margy (fantastic members of staff) we will be bringing you Fussy Cut Friday's.  

I must give thanks to the Temecula Quilt Company, California for the idea and name.  I have been in contact with Sheryl, who owns Temecula Quilt Company and we are taking Fussy Cut Friday to the world.  Take a peek at and you can follow along from both hemispheres.


Janet and myself are making 2" 60 degree diamond stars.  Margy's are 1 1/2" 60 degree diamonds. We are all just making lots of fussy cut stars.  Challenging each other to get the most out of a fabric.  We have dived into our stashes and dragged out some beauties.  We are also using some of the lovelies that are coming into the shop.  Where we can we will let you know what fabric we have used.

I hear over and over that customer's stashes are weighing heavily on their mind's.  This is the cure, join in with us and re-acquaint yourself with your stash and make your own fussy cut star quilt. You may need a small injection of new fabric as well.

Every Friday, one of us will post some of our stars for inspiration.  I am particularly fascinated by seeing how many different stars you can fussy cut from the same fabric.  So we will show you a few of these, when the fabric allows.

I love the 60 degree diamond star as it forms a hexagon.  Just think of all the layout possibilities.  We will reveal our chosen layouts as we go along.

Here are our first lot of Fussy Cut Friday stars.  I hope you will enjoy them.

Yes are have gone into Reproduction mode here.  You don't need to.  Here are some more contemporary stars.

We have the diamond papers in the shop if you would like to hand piece.  Think about what size you would like and just ring the shop on 02 9550 4947.  This can be machine pieced but we would suggest a large sized diamond.


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