Saturday, July 5, 2014

Glebe Island Quilt Show & Sale Open Sunday 13 July

Hi Everyone

The week before the Darling Harbour Quilt Show - whoops the Glebe Island Quilt Show, is always a bit manic.  So this is a quick catch up for you.

We now have most of the fabric up off the floor.  The shop feels so much bigger, but I still need to clear more floor stock. So I have continued the sale and renamed it   


The shop is literally 5 minutes away from the Show by cab.  Grab a group of friends, fill up the cab, and come shopping.

We will be opening on the Show Sunday 13 July between 10 and 3, so everyone can see what's in the shop.  

See you here.


One of my favorite colour combos - navy and slime yellow.

New Jo Morton

1930's kittens and puppy dogs



A gaggle of us had a quilting mini-break in Ballan (near Ballerat) last week.  We went to the Victorian Show and did a bit of quilt shop shopping, as you do.

We stayed at Mill Rose Cottage.  Sue has a set up down there that made my "quilt shop owner heart strings  beat fast".  A beautiful, charming cottage restaurant/cafe, next door to the fabulous Mill Rose Quilt Shop, which is next door to the exquisite completely refurbished B & B.  Which in this case also includes a delicious dinner, all set in beautiful rural Victorian countryside.

There are some things you just can't do in inner-city Sydney and this is one of them.

So if you want a wonderful quilty break visit

The shop

The Restaurant


If you are after Liberty Fabric Mill Rose has one of the best selections I have ever seen.


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