Friday, May 2, 2014


Hi Everyone

I'm being chased to post a blog as I have been quite too long. 

All is well. I had a lovely time on Norfolk Island with Michelle Yeo.  She launched her new book, "Of Needle, Thimble and Thread" at the Nante Quilt Show in France last week.  I can't wait to hear all about it.

While I was away we did have a bit of a disaster in the shop.  Apparently it rained, and the shop leaked and I'm now dealing with the aftermath of that.  

More excitingly, my long anticipated building of new shelf space has started. In the way this always seems to happen, my landlord has started doing some serious maintenance work on the building.  So I've been busy.

We are still open for business, but we are preparing to move every bolt in the shop.

Here are some photos.

All the staff are feeling a bit like this.


I have no idea but there is a lot of it.



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  1. OH MY GOD! WHAT A JOB...... In saying that I'm very excited that by the time we het to visit in July you will be organised and (hopefully) the rain issues will all be resolved. Good luck on the huge job ahead.


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