Monday, January 13, 2014


Hi Everyone

We are back, the shop opens tomorrow, Tuesday 14, I'm in here today dealing with the vacuum cleaner, so I thought I do a short post.

Hope you all had a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.


Those you know me, know that the Christmas break is when I inhabit the classroom here, and make mess.

I mentioned in my last post I was joining in Bonny Hunter's annual mystery quilt.  Yes it filled up the break nicely, and I have reconnected with my sewing machine.  

Go to  The quilt is called Celtic Solstice. See the hundreds of versions of the quilt that have been made.

Here are some pictures of my Bonnie Hunter experience.





Then yesterday a few fellow mystery quilt makers came and we had show and tell.

Then we put them together, and mine is different!!!!

What have I done? Mine has stars, their's have squares!  It was a mystery quilt and it looked OK to me.  

I needed to read the instructions a bit more carefully.  I have reversed one section of one block and look at the difference it has made.  Can you see what I did?  

I now know that many participants have done this as well, and this is being referred to as the "alternate layout".  Trust me.  But I love it.

There were some players who wanted to see what the quilt looked like before starting, so they are now selecting colours and cutting madly.

I enjoyed the process and love the result, although there are another three borders to go.

It also meant that absolutely nothing I planned to do, other quilts, housework, whatever were done.  Oh well that's quilting.

Hope your holiday projects went well.

I hope to see everyone, in the shop soon.


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