Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Apologies for being a bit behind.

Hi Everyone

We are still trying to get on top of all the new fabrics in the shop.  As I speak we have another five boxes of fabric delivered.  I am in love with our new fabrics and have already talked myself out of stealing several bolts before they hit the shop.  I have shown restraint.  

Consequently, we are behind on loading the fabrics onto the website.  It will happen!! Here is a snippet of the new stock.  


We are particularly excited about this new Collection of solids from Jason Yenter.  The photo does not do it justice.  It also has the most marvellous handle.

FINALLY stock has arrive of YLI's Select thread in Ecru.  YaY, it's been months since we have had any.  So to everybody that has been asking, we have some now.  Sometimes it is the small things that make you happy.


Look at this fabulous Elongated Hexagon quilt.  We found the perfect backing.

Hope you all have a nice ANZAC break.


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