Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wer'e Back and Summer School is Happening

Hi and Happy New Year to Everybody.
I hope you all had a nice and hopefully productive break, and; that no-one has melted in this hot weather we all seem to be having.


Linda Butcher's Tea Caddy Parade quilt was a big hit.  This is the first of her two day workshop.

Here is her finished  (well almost) quilt.

Fashion designing?

The start.

The care.

The class.

A three legged elephant.

Anne Sommerlad's Daintree class was today.

Here is one made "IN A DAY" , that's pretty good.


I always see the Christmas break as my time to sew.  I take over the classroom, and drag up the machine and sew.  It can be the only time I connect with the sewing machine all year.  All was good.  Finished with all the family Christmas and New Year stuff.  My goal was to sew the cover quilt from Kaffe Fasset's Quilts in Sweden book.  I fell in love with the quilt when he was here, gosh now two years ago.

Came in on the 2nd and cut fabric all day ready to start sewing the next day.  Ate some lunch at about 3.00 pm and then had a wonderful dose of food poisoning.  I am truly grateful to both modern medicine and my GP who saw me the next morning, jabbed and gave me antibiotics; and a letter to Casualty if I needed to go on a drip.  I decided this did not have to happen.  Sadly I didn't get back to the sewing machine.  So here is a picture of my entire holiday achievement.  Try again at Easter.

I did on the other hand get quite a bit of Aunty Green done.  See you can hand applique in front of the telly, no matter how terrible you feel.


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