Saturday, September 29, 2012

This is how you go Fabric Shopping!!!

We have just seen the new catalog from Moda, for their first releases for next year.  I fell in love with a classic blue and white quilt in the catalog.

The quilt is called Indigo Revival.  The fabric is a collection of the most beautiful indigo prints called Indigo Crossing by Minick & Simpson.  The Kit/fabric will be available in February/March next year. 
The Kit costs $235.00.  We are taking pre-orders on this Kit so we have an idea of how much fabric to order from Moda. If you are interested in the Kit it would be of great help if you ordered now, this way we can guarantee you will get the Kit.  To see all the details go to our web-site Click on Our Products, then Advanced Orders and you will find all the details about our Indigo Revival Kit.  Hope you like the quilt as much as I do.
With the coming of spring, we have shaken off the lethargy of winter and the shop is working overtime on new Kits and Blocks of the Month. 
This means one thing, we needed to go fabric shopping.  Just like all quilter's need to go fabric shopping when they start a new project.  We just do it on a slightly larger scale.
Liz, Kate and I went and did very serious fabric buying, (had a great time, got covered in dust, and brought too much fabric).
We went to
warehouse in Sydney.  Thank you Clint and Andrew.  Many customers have asked where we get our fabric from, this is one of our suppliers.

When we say fabric has just arrived off the boat, well this literally had just arrived and was being unpacked and sorted.

Liz and Kate culling through our piles of fabric.  See the yellow trolley in the background, we had two more fully stacked.
Clint (our sales rep) and Debbie (who does everything) from Leuts.

And people think we have a lot of fabric in the shop!!!
I don't let myself do this very often, because as a good quilter at heart I always buy too much fabric.
So stay tuned to see what we do with it all.

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