Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Applique Project No.2

Hi everyone.

Given the date I should say Happy Valentines Day. 

Applique Project No. 2 is very exciting because it is finished!!!!  I have sewn it this year so it qualifies. It is the central panel of Di Ford's "Phebe Quilt".

Well the applique bit is done.  I have half of the stars for the borders made, but something tells me it will be quite a while before another major section of this quilt is finished.

I think the sheep are my favourite on this one.  I'm particularly pleased with the ears.

You can see Phebe's Quilt and Di Ford's other patterns on our web-site.

We had two beautiful Customer Quilts in the shop this week.

This Miriam's quilt using the beautiful Dutch reproduction fabrics from Den Haan & Wagonmarkers.  Their web-site is www.dutchfabrics.nl if you would like to take a look.

Then we have Ann's wonderful 1930's Tree of Life top.  This is a 1930's classic pattern and one of my favourites.  Yes I have always said, "I would like to make that one day", so thank you Anne for showing it to us.  Just look at all the leaves.


We have some photos of Suzy Miller's first class for the year.  Starting off with her latest masterpiece.  Just love the whirly gigs, and yes that is a Den Haan & Wagonmarker's chintz panel.

Here is selection of the classes work.  They are all gorgeous.

Margaret's top is beautiful.

We currently have some vacancies in Suzy's class.  It is on the second Thursday of the month, please phone the shop on 9550 4947 if you would like to book in.


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