Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Michelle Yeo's Visit

Last weekend we had the pleasure of Michelle Yeo, from Melbourne, teaching in the shop.  She has been an annual visiting teacher for a number of years now.  As always, the three days of workshops were great fun, and beautiful things were born.

At this stage I must apologise to the Friday girls, who made the Giant Dahlia or Seven Sisters Quilts.  I forgot to take photos, so I have failed blog writing 101.  I can assure everyone that they were fabulous.

 I did remember the camera on Saturday and Sunday.  Here are some photos.

Take fabric and acrylic templates.....

add a design wall....

borrow a miniature Dahlia centre, and the start of a Gatton Stars Quilt is looking good.

A lot of sewing and cutting out was actually done during the class.

Then the Feathered Mariner's Compass quilts.

The size of the print is important with the Compass.

That bit can go with this bit.

How's this for a Mariner's Compass to be.  

Needless to say there is a bit of sewing to do, but boy it was fun playing with fabric.

Thank you again Michelle.

I played in the class on Sunday.  I wanted to achieve a Pennsylvania Dutch look.  I think it looks OK.  Now I have to do the sewing!


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