Friday, July 22, 2011

Wet and Wild in Sydney

It's raining.  This is possibly the biggest understatement of the week.  Thanks to all the intrepid quilters who have waded their way into the shop during downpour after downpour. 

Today I have some photos of Lynne Alchin Friday girls hard at work.

Look at the close ups, many beautiful quilts are made here.

New in this week is Dark Chocolate and Lilac by Sara Morgan for Blues Hill Fabrics.  If you have been looking for good mid-1800's purples here they are.

Now an update on Janet's Civil War blocks.  Here are her latest two.

I have brought all my Civil War blocks in and put them up on the design wall for a colour check.  I have been sticking to using random scraps, but you need to see them together to see if something tragic has happened.  I think they look OK, I might try to brighten it up a bit.  This is almost half the blocks finished. 


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